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Regular fluorescent lamps are not of high enough intensity to be useful for this purpose. The carex day light has been tested and meets all requirements for therapeutic use.

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Instead take a vitamin d supplement that offers up to 2000 ius per day.

Uv desk lamp vitamin d. Taotronics light therapy lamp ultra thin uv free led sun lamp with 10000 lux adjustable brightness levels 900 rotatable stand timer setting for a happy life 48 out of 5 stars 626 2999 29. The smartypants has the omega 3s and iodine i wanted within a multi chewable. Some people live in locations where the sun may not appear for months at a time.

This lamp is recommended by experts like dr michael holick in a chapter on sad in his book called the vitamin d solution. Made by sperti the fluorescent sunlamp produces high intensity ultraviolet b uvb rays that trigger vitamin d production in the skin. Vitamin d from low cost uvb lamps must wear glasses when near uvb it can damage your eyes perhaps within minutes.

It also properly diffuses the light to remove 993 of uv light and uses flicker free bulbs. I decided to look into vitamin d uvb lamps after receiving a blood test with low vitamin d levels in spite of supplementation learn how i tested my levelsi expected thered be a few standard affordable solutions but was surprised at both the cost and complexity of comparing different options. The major source of vitamin d is exposure to natural sunlight.

Plastic contact lenses might pass uvb unless you have paid for uv blocking feature. The texture and taste are that of a gummy bear with a few organic cane sugar crystals on the outside. Yet this isnt possible for people who arent able to get out into natural sunshine regularly.

Shipped just fine even to an apo. The list on the back is as followsper 4 gummies children adults over 3 years of age. Our vitamin d lamp is the only fda recognized ultraviolet product for vitamin d production in the human body and independent studies have verified its effectiveness.

Experts advise against using sun lamps for vitamin d production exposure to uv light increases your skin cancer risk and there are more effective safer ways to get vitamin d. Sad light treatment vs vitamin d supplements. The sperti vitamin d sunlamp model duv f provides the special uvb rays that will generate vitamin d naturally in your body.

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