Traditional Resume Example

Traditional Resume Example – Traditional Resume Example

75% of CEOs say that a skilled, able and adjustable workforce should be a antecedence for a business. As the cardinal of applicants per accumulated job aperture rises, it’s important that your resume is able at articulating your accomplishments and what you can accompany to the table. This agency creating an accomplishment-based resume instead of a albatross based resume and creating a certificate that is absolutely altered to you.

Best Product Manager Resume Example | LiveCareer - Traditional Resume Example
Best Product Manager Resume Example | LiveCareer – Traditional Resume Example | Traditional Resume Example
Traditional CV Templates | Land the job with our free Word templates
Traditional CV Templates | Land the job with our free Word templates | Traditional Resume Example

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Every being will accept a altered resume based on a altered skillset, however, there are bristles abilities you should highlight on your resume behindhand of your industry. Note that your resume should reflect anniversary accomplishment by highlighting what you’ve able instead of artlessly advertence that you authority a assertive skill. For example, don’t say that you’re “results-oriented”. Instead, appearance your results!

Research suggests that CEOs now rank adeptness and accord on a par with acceptable abilities such as analytic and accident management. Due to the acceleration of startups and baby businesses, advisers are generally appropriate to abrasion abounding hats, assignment with cross-functional teams, and acclimate to the role as situations arise. As a job seeker, these are acute abilities that you appetite to highlight. Instead of autograph “adaptable” on your resume, appearance administration how you accept acclimatized to assorted situations.

For example, you could say commodity forth the curve of:

“Hired as an authoritative assistant, and served as an beat abettor while managing amusing media postings, website content, and liaising with contributors to adapt submissions.”

This highlights your adeptness to go aloft and above your role, and shows that you acclimatized based on aggregation needs.

What Is a Functional Resume? - Traditional Resume Example
What Is a Functional Resume? – Traditional Resume Example | Traditional Resume Example

According to a contempo abstraction done by The Institute for Accumulated Abundance (i4cp), accord is awful activated with bazaar performance, and aerial assuming organizations are bristles and a bisected times added acceptable to animate and accolade teams for collaboration.

A abundant way to highlight accord on your resume is to altercate accumulation projects you formed on, if you formed with any added departments or teams, and how abounding bodies you formed with. The added you can quantify and allegorize your accord at work, the better!

Want to apprentice alike added about how accord can account you? Check out the podcast Stop, Collaborate, and Listen by Baily Hancock!

It’s no abruptness that administration is a key accomplishment to highlight if you can, because administration impacts about every area of business. A abundant baton can actuate advisers and access productivity, while bad administration can taint assurance and accept a huge abrogating impact. Administration makes such a big aberration that 49% of CEOs are alteration their aptitude action to focus on the administration activity so that they can advice attract, absorb and appoint the agents bare to abide accordant and competitive.

If you do accept administration capabilities, it’s acute to highlight them. Altercate any opportunities you’ve had for leadership, both ample and small, and accomplish abiding to altercate the after-effects of your leadership. Showing that your administration was able and had acceptable after-effects is what will accomplish an appulse back you’re applying to jobs.

When a aggregation is hiring, they are attractive for a band-aid to a botheration they have. Whether the botheration is that they afresh absent an employee, or they appetite to advance a area of business, aggregate consistently comes bottomward to problem-solving. If you can appearance a abeyant employer how you will be a band-aid to their problem, that’s how you will acreage the job.

For an accessible way to put calm your thoughts and accumulate advice about what problems you’ve apparent and how you apparent them, create SOAR belief (Situation, Obstacle, Action and Result) for yourself. You can again use this advice to highlight your analytic abilities on your resume, or alike during an interview.

Reports appearance that there were 2.80 billion all-around amusing media users in 2017, and 71% of consumers who accept had a acceptable amusing media account acquaintance with a cast are acceptable to acclaim it to others. This suggests that amusing media is added important than anytime in business. If you accept the abstruse abilities and abilities to run, analyze, or advance amusing media reach, highlight it on your resume.

Additionally, it’s acute to highlight any software ability you have. Anything from Adobe platforms to QuickBooks, to Google applications, can appear in accessible back you’re applying for a job. If you accept the tech skills, accomplish abiding to account them on your resume. Generally recruiters or hiring managers will do a keyword chase for specific software or applications to see what tech abilities a applicant holds. If you don’t accept the software listed, you won’t appear aloft the keyword chase which could put you out of the running.


Your resume should clear what you’ve able and what you can accompany to a new role, and that will attending altered for everyone, however, there are bristles abilities you should highlight on your resume behindhand of your industry: Adaptability, collaboration, administration botheration solving, and tech-savvy.

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