Standing Desk Balance Board Calories

Calories burned two leg standing balance on board. Many people took these findings to mean that sit stand desksburn 87 calories per hour.

Base Standing Desk Balance Board For The Office Active Standing

Additionally it activates your smaller stabilizer muscles which help your body burn up to 100 calories an hour.

Standing desk balance board calories. Frequently bought together total price. The gaiam evolve balance board for standing desk is a great beginner board that also comes with a friendly price. Made in the usa.

Using a balance board at your standing desk helps your core lower back and leg muscles remain engaged throughout the day. Share on facebook share on pinterest share by email more sharing options. However a good amount of that additional calorie burn was because stand up desk users also walked an average of six minutes more per day at work than those who used a traditional non ergonomic sit down desk.

By measuring the amount of energy their bodies gave off while breathing in and out the researchers concluded that a 143 pound person would burn 015 more calories a minute or 9 calories an hour more by standing rather than sitting. In the long run that adds up big time. Find out how many calories you burn for two leg standing balance on board.

It doesnt require any real balancing as it tilts slightly to allow body movement and leg stretching. The number of calories you burn while exercising is dependent on the exercise you do your weight and the time spent doing the exercise. Our standing desk balance boards are made near our offices in california and come with a limited one year guarantee against manufacturing defects.

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