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This effects the slats of the roll top to not recede back enough to have access to all the upper drawers if this is some kind of tongue and groove assembly how. Pull the old cloth.

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All that youll need to fix the desk is some heavy duty fabric and glue i used wood glue but im sure craft glue would work as well.

Fixing slats roll top desk. A roll top desks door or tambour is what sets it apart from any other wood desk offering a way to keep things out of sight out of mind after the days work is done. Ensure that you. Bring a slat with you so the rabbet can be cut to the depth of the slat.

You may have to. It poses no real problem except that the contents are constantly exposed tidy or. Open the roll top portion of the desk.

The restoration of a family heirloom a roll top desk. How to repair a roll top desk step 1. Set a piece of canvas or tambour replacement cloth atop your work surface.

How to replace roll top desk cloth 1. Roll top desk repair. Repair of the tambour on an antique ah.

Andrews roll top desk 1870 90s. Rather than cutting a rabbet in one board another option would be to nail a small slat type board onto another making for a step down edging similar to a rabbet cut. Mark the position of the old cloth as compared to the slats on the replacement cloth and on the slats noting the.

A prime example is the shutter or tambour of a roll top desk that has become frozen in the open position. The fabric on mine was old and had worn enough to allow the slats to pull apart. After taking it out of the desk i realized that a roll top is constructed of wood slats attached to a fabric backing.

Open the rolling top and unscrew the straps on the back of the desk that hold the top section. Wipe each slat with a cloth or paper towel wet with lacquer thinner. The tambour is the slatted wooden curtain that slides upward to expose the interior of the.

How to repair a roll top desk. The history dismantling refinishing and reassembly of an antique piece of furniture.

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