Desktop Rolling Ball Sculpture

Comes with a full set of 24 glass marbles. This track empties into flat funnel 2.

50 Mesmerizing Desk Toys That Could Replace Your Newton S Cradle

Place up to 50 marbles in the queue at the top.

Desktop rolling ball sculpture. I can create anything that you desire from a small desktop to a very large project that fits your needs and wants. Each project i create is completely hand made and totally unique. Rolling ball sculpture 272 motorized desktop 2 available rolling ball sculpture 271 semi automatic gravity powered tabletop.

Ive been creating custom personal rolling ball sculptures since 2005. Three different tracks have a lot to offer. The ball exits the spiral fast and hits a bell before rolling around and around inside funnel 1.

Press the handle to release a few onto the tracks and when each marble reaches the bottom they push the handle and release another ball from the top. These marble runs are a great addition to many different situations. Kinetic art rolling ball sculpture for sale by stephen jendro welded stainless steel motorized works of art for your home and business.

Get this one of a kind rolling ball sculpture while you can. Unboxing of the bandai spacewarp desktop. My uniquely designed sweeping helical lift carries.

Track one is the loop d loop track the ball exits the loop at a high speed and hits several balls on track. Check it out as both tracks merge into funnel 5 bunching up and fill the funnel with colorful happy marbles all rolling around together like a busy skating rink. A quick look at whats inside the box of bandais spacewarp desktop rolling ball sculpture and of it fully assembled and working in day and night modes.

It measures approximately 350mm x 350mm x 400mm and is powder coated in a clear coat. Commission or buy online your own rolling ball sculpture see prices and availability of my marble run machines. This continues until all of the marbles in the queue have been exhausted.

A single track desktop rolling ball sculpture in the shape of the letter r. Track two is a tall skinny spiral. Welcome to my passion rolling ball sculpture.

Rolling ball sculpture 282 gravity powered tabletop xylophone tabletop 214 available rolling ball sculpture 271 semi automatic gravity powered tabletop. Semi automatic operation is fully gravity powered.

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