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What is a phase 1 desk study. Summary site investigation report the quadrant tytton lane east boston lincolnshire delta simons project number 13 052503 page 7 final 30 results interpretation 31 desk study site description walkover the site is located on the south western outskirts of boston lincolnshire approximately 26 km south west of boston town centre.

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Desk studies are an essential part of the site investigation process irrespective of whether they have been developed or not.

Desk study site investigation report. A preliminary investigation and report into something collating currently available relevant information we requested each regional officer to do a desk study of their regions. Introduction 11 background able uk ltd able propose to construct a major new deep water facility on the south bank of the humber estuary at killingholme marshes. A desk study is the collation and review of information already available about a site and is carried out at an early stage of site appraisal to inform and guide the remainder of the site investigation.

The work involves researching the site to gain as much information as possible both geological and historical. The acquisition of a land parcel can result in the transfer of liabilities which can prove expensive to address if the underlying site hazards are not known or. The first phase of any ground investigation is the provision of a desk study.

Able uk ltd 121726 desk study and si design report black veatch ltd desk study report dec 2010 1 summary desk study and site investigation design report 1. It should always be the first stage of the site investigation and is used to plan the ground investigation. A phase 1 desk study is a preliminary risk assessment from the collation and review of published information regarding a sites historical geological and environmental setting.

A site investigation simply is the process of the collection of information the appraisal of data assessment and reporting without which the hazards in the ground beneath the site cannot be known. There is a fourteen week period devoted to a desk study and a field or laboratory project leading to the submission of a dissertation. The field and laboratory investigations required to obtain this essential information are called soil exploration or site investigation.

These reports are invaluable in assessing the requirements of a ground investigation not only from an environmental perspective but also for geotechnical purposes. The purpose of a desk study is to determine a preliminary risk rating and to plan the subsequent stages of the site investigation. The desk study is work taken up prior to commencing the work on site and the ground investigation.

Site investigation phase 2 geoenvironmental assessment intrusive ground investigation before you begin your intrusive ground investigation its important that youve completed your desk study. Current legislation considers a desk study the minimum requirement when submitting a planning application. Check out our earlier blog the desk study for more details and follow the flowchart above for direction on what to do and when to do it.

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