Italy’s novel coronavirus death toll surpasses China’s


in Italy a terrible milestone the death. toll from kovat 19 in that country now. more than 3400 surpassing the death toll. in China despite Italy’s much smaller. size our James Longman reports from. London tonight chilling new video from. Italy’s front lines as a deadly. milestone is reached the country today. recording more coronavirus deaths than. China over 3,400 now dead 427 more. fatalities in just one day and a 15%. increase in infections over yesterday. the curve just won’t flatten this. desperate plea from a doctor in hard-hit. Bergamo we are in full emergency our Elf. personnel nurses and physicians are. working around the clock. countless our work to fight this. incredible situation tonight 300. volunteer doctors now being rushed in. from other parts of the country to help. even bag almost crematorium is. overwhelmed bodies now have to be. transported by the military to. surrounding regions to be dealt with. safely this nurse saying the. psychological tension as quote gone. through the roof. we’re not even counting the dead anyone. she says doctors also making the. ultimate sacrifice one physician sick. with the virus reportedly didn’t want to. take an intensive care bed from another. patient it cost him his life Americans. in Italy warning of the dangers to loved. ones back home darkness in Italy and. Spain suffering nearly 300 deaths in the. past 24 hours. but glimmers of light from China. reporting no new domestic cases a long. road ahead for other nations facing. Coronas deadly wave and james joins us. now james we’ve been so focused on Italy. but cases in Spain are now exploding as. well that’s right Lindsay is now the. second hardest hit country in Europe. after Italy today we heard 294 more. deaths in the last 24 hours bring the. total in Spain to 803 and shockingly. today one official was quoted as saying. that he believes that Madrid could see. an 80 percent infection rate of. coronavirus in the city that as the. capital of Spain that is quite. extraordinary when you think about it so. in. lockdown is in place like the one we’ve. seen in Italy actually the Spanish. authorities are using drones to try to. make sure that people stay out of public. spaces all public spaces have basically. been closed down all shops libraries. university everything is shut in order. to stop this thing from spreading Spain. also faces a number of challenges like. other European countries do namely its. population is on the older side like. here in the United Kingdom like in Italy. and elderly population very much in. danger also austerity across Europe bit. hard particularly on the health system. in Spain so that is a challenge for them. and the way that the health system is. structured in Italy it’s very much. regionalised so it’s going to be very. difficult for them to get a picture of. just how much this virus is spreading. and how to combat it a lot of challenges. ahead for Spain James thank you for the. snapshot over there and we’ll be coming. back to you later in the show for some. much-needed positive news we’ll see you. them hi everyone George Stephanopoulos. here thanks for checking out the ABC. News YouTube channel if you’d like to. get more videos show highlights and. watch live event coverage click on the. right over here to subscribe to our. Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News app for breaking news alerts. ABC News app for breaking news alerts thanks for watching.

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